Spanish songs with lyrics for beginners (Colombia)

Spanish songs with lyrics are a great way to start learning Spanish for beginners. But I know it can be hard to find artists in a language you don’t know. And even if you find them, how can you understand what they are saying?

Thankfully, in the last couple of years, some Youtube videos also include lyrics so you can read (and sing) along with the latest tunes. This is a great feature that can help you improve your listening skills in Spanish. In fact, they are also a great tool to discover new words and practice your pronuncation.

That’s why I’ve created a list with some of my favorite songs with lyrics for beginners from Colombia. They are songs I personally enjoy and I hope you will too. I’ve added an artist or two for each music style, and as you can see my musica taste is quite varied so I’m sure you will find at least one you enjoy too.

Put on your headphones, turn up the sound and enjoy this virtual trip to Colombia:

FUSIÓN | Herencia de Timbiquí

FUSIÓN | ChocQuibTown


POP LATINO | Sebastián Yatra

FUSIÓN | Carlos Vives

VALLENATO | Los Diablitos

CUMBIA | Magín Diaz

TROPICAL | Puerto Candelaria

ELECTRO TROPICAL | Bomba estéreo


Did you know these artists ? Do you know any other Spanish songs with lyrics for beginners? Comment below and don’t forget to check out Facebook and Instagram for more on the topic! And if you are looking for an extra practice, don’t forget to check out our tutorial with exercises for all levels:

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