Alma, corazón y vida (Los embajadores criollos)

Level: A1 Beginner
Musical style: peruvian waltz
Skill: Vocabulary

Listen to this peruvian vals and practice the vocabulary related to love.

Lets practice!

Me enamoré (Georgina)

Level: A2
Musical style: pop
Skill: Vocabulary
Listen to this wonderful song and practice vocabulary related to love.

Sabrás (Herencia de Timbiquí)

Level: B1 Intermediate
Musical style: Caribbean music
Skill: Love promises
Practice how to say love promises in Spanish by completing the lyrics of this song, then listen and check.
Lets practice!

Hasta la raíz (Natalia Lafourcade)

Level: B2
Musical style: pop-rock
Skill: Grammar (gerund and subjunctive)
Learn about metaphors related to nature with this beautiful song about unconditional love.


Burbujas de amor

Level:C1 Advanced
Musical style:Bachata
Skill: Metaphors

Practice the vocabulary related to the sea with this song by Juan Luis Guerra.

Lets practice!

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