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"Sarah provides learning material and it is a mixture of a text book, novels, topics for discussion, research into customs of Spanish-speaking countries and so much more. I am not only learning the language, I am learning about the world as well."
United Kingdom

Fall in love with Spanish

Fluency approach

Speaking a new language fluently is all about practice, so in our lessons we will focus on practicing casual conversations about daily topics and get used to fixed expressions and casual vocabulary used daily.

Join the community

Because I know it takes a village to learn a language, join our group and practice what you’ve learned with a group of Spanish teachers and learners from around the globe.

Discover the culture

To be able to fully understand Spanish in all it's diversity, in our lessons I will include material about customs and traditions and you will also have access to songs, movies and much more.

Choose your approach

One-to-one lessons

Lessons that help you progress at your own pace.

60 minutes
Fixed or flexible schedule

All levels

28 euros / lesson

112 euros / month

Group lessons

Tomamos un café 

Online chatroom, group live lessons (60 minutes, twice per month) and a monthly newsletter 

Advanced level – Monthly fee 

59 euros / month6

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