¿Tomamos un café?

Online Spanish conversation group

A community to perfect your Spanish 

Speak, read, write and listen to Spanish everyday. 

Join a community where you can meet like-minded people who enjoy speaking Spanish and share your progress with them.

If you feel like...

I would like to speak and practice Spanish regularly.

I feel stuck at my current level and I don’t know how to continue progressing.

I’m tired of learning on my own all of the time.

I feel self-conscious about making grammatical mistakes each time I have to speak Spanish in public.

I want to discover more about the Spanish-speaking culture.

I need to learn new and specific vocabulary, but how?

You are in the right place

How does it work?

Each month, I create a small Whatsapp chatroom with 3-6 students who share your learning profile and objectives. In this chatroom, you can discuss current events, learn about Spanish-speaking culture and practice with voicenotes. 

Every  week, you will receive a set of grammar and vocabulary exercises along with an invitation to a live session where we will be able to put everything you’ve learned into practice.  

At the end of each month, you will receive a newsletter  with all the relevant information covered in the month for you to keep track of your learning.

Finally, if you have any questions throughout the process, I will be available to answer them through mail or Whatsapp.

What is included in Tomamos un cafe

¿Tomamos un café?

 Monthly payment

59 euros per month

What is included?

Whatsapp chatroom

In this chatroom, you will find like-minded students and we will share:

News and trending topics

Videos and articles to discover what's happening in the Spanish-speaking world, a great way discuss them with our community and exchange ideas.

Cultural recommendations

Discover songs and movies to improve your listening comprehension and pronunciation, novels to read, recipes to cook on your free time and impress your friends and much more.

Learning materials

Receive useful links to self-corrective grammar and vocabulary exercises, as well as Youtube channels and textbooks to help you practice your Spanish.

Converstion topics

Chat about your latest personal news and experiences while learning daily vocabulary and expressions and discovering different cultures.

Corrections and feedback

I will correct mistakes and give extra practice for those topics that are relevant ro your level.

Questions and doubts

Ask any question you might have related to the Spanish language and share your knowledge with other students.

Live sessions

Eachh week, we meet for a Zoom live session.  These sessions are excellent for those who want to improve their speaking and be part of a community or people who love the Spanish language and culture. 

Here we will discuss in detail a topic books, movies, music, recipes, traditions… You name it!

These sesions are 60 minutes long and are held in small groups of 6 (max.) so we all get a chance to speak and practice

They have a set schedules and are recorded, so you can have access to them later on.

Monthly newsletter

At the end of each month, you will receive a newsletter with a sum up of what we have discussed and exercises to help you improve your Spanish level.  This newsletter includes the most important topics of the month as well as some specific exercises with useful grammar, vocabulary and learning tips for you to integrate to your practice.  


Word choice, idioms, collocations related to the topics discussed in the live sessions.


A deeper look into some aspects covered in the chat and live sessions.

Learning tips

Tips to help you memorize new vocabulary and grammar rules.

What will we be talking about?

Every month, I will choose an interesting topic to dive into while reviewing key aspects of grammar and vocabulary. Next editions will cover:

Febrero 2024: enamórate del español 

  • El amor en las obras de arte en español (cuadros, canciones, películas)
  • Vocabulario y colocaciones habituales para hablar de los sentimientos
  • Uso del subjuntivo (presente, pretérito, pluscuamperfecto) para describir emociones  
  • Conectores adversativos y concesivos (pese a, si bien, aún, por más que). 

Why was this community created?

Throughout these last 5 years, I’ve been teaching online in one-to-one lessons and I’ve noticed that many of my students really enjoy and benefit from talking Spanish regularly. 

Often, I discovered they had similar interests and personalities and thought: 

 “Wouldn’t it be awesome if they met?

With this in mind, I decided to create this community which will also give you the opportunity to improve your Spanish level thanks to my guidance and feedback. 


As a moderator, I will send out a daily message with content (videos, audios, texts) to spark the conversation from Monday to Friday. Then, the amount of content will vary depending on the participation of the group. 

Yes! In the chat, I will correct mistakes that interfere with the comprehension of the message or that are relevant to your level. During the live sessions, I will write down common mistakes and send you a set of exercises to practice with in the monthly newsletter.

Live sessions are held on a set schedule, but if you are unable to attend you will still receive  a sum up in the monthly newsletter.

For now, only the advanced group is available, but feel free to contact me if your level is different.