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Online Spanish lessons

This online course prepares you to make the most of your Camino. It is essentially practical. This means we will be covering exactly the vocabulary and uselful expressions you will need on the Camino. Moreover, we will take a look at many cultural tips and insights that will enrich your stay in Spain. Feel confident when using Spanish for daily activities.

This group is intended for beginners and false beginners. If you have an intermediate level or if you’d like to have one-to-one lessons, please contact me for further information.

Spanish exercise book

Embark on your journey to learn Spanish with our comprehensive Camino Spanish Exercise Book. Designed specifically for beginners, this book offers to guide you through the essential aspects of the language. With daily topics ranging from food and transportation to hostels, you’ll quickly gain confidence in your ability to communicate in real-life situations.

"Very well prepared lessons, made specific to meet my level and my goals for the course. I’m walking the Camino de Santiago and need to know how to make reservations, order at restaurants, and talk about family and weather. Perfect course for me and a very good teacher. Thank you Sarah! My very best recommendations👌."

¿Vamos a Muxía?

If you’d like to take your trip to Spain one step further, consider visiting Muxía and spending a couple of days here learning Spanish, discovering Spanish and Galician culture and enjoying one the most beautiful places in Northern Spain. 

Learn Spanish in Galicia. Muxía immersion course

About me

My name is Sarah and I’m a passionate Spanish teacher. 

My aim is to help students like you feel confident when speaking Spanish and enjoy their Camino. 

I’ve walked the Camino and I now live in Muxía, the last stop of Saint James Way in Galicia. I’ve walked 3 different sections (Sarria to Santiago, Saint Jean de Luz to Castro Urdiales and Cercedilla to Segovia) so I can help you prepare for the ins and outs of this amazing journey.

In our lessons, I will help you learn vocabulary and grammar, but also understand the cultural richness behind the Camino and Spanish.

Would you like to know more?

If you’d like to know more, just send me a message, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!