Vocabulary | Great Spanish vocabulary flashcards

When learning Spanish, vocabulary is a challenge for many of my students. Indeed, there are thousands of Spanish words to remember and most of them are very different from English. If we add into the mix the pronunciation, gender and register, it can feel a bit daunting to undertake this…


Listening | 5 love songs to learn Spanish

In this month of February, let’s celebrate love in all the diversity of Latin-American music! Today I will share with you  5 love songs in Spanish. These songs are special to me for different reasons. First, they come from 5 different countries, so you can hear the different accents of…


Vocabulary | Spanish love expressions and their meaning

Ah! Love. The one and only thing that can make us feel butterflies. But, do you know how to say this in Spanish? Do you want to learn more Spanish love expressions and their origin? Keep reading! The Spanish language is full of expressions to describe each stage of the romantic relationship. Some of…


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