Accommodation in Muxía for after the Camino

Are you looking for accommodation in Muxía? After walking hundreds of kilometers, tired pilgrims finally arrive here in Muxía looking for some R&R... And Muxía offers some wonderful options for that. Here are my favorite places to stay, for each category: Albergue Arribada In the heart of Muxía, this comfortable…


Legends of the Costa da Morte

Legends of the Costa da Morte are all around me as I'm writing to you from Muxía today. On this very rainy Tuesday morning of November, I'm looking foward to exploring with you the heart of Costa da Morte. A couple of weeks ago, I recorded a podcast about discovering…

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How is halloween celebrated in Spain?

How is Halloween celebrated in Spain? [Bilingual text]

Does Spain celebrate Halloween? The short answer is not traditionally, but not all regions are the same… Galicia, on the Northwest of Spain, has many traditions linked to the Autumn season. Here is one more text for our series on bilingual texts which dives into this tradition. Halloween in Galicia…


What to do in Muxía

If you are walking the Camino de Santiago, you might consider finishing in Muxía. This little fishermen town by the seaside is the place I now call home. I decided to move here after spending many years living in different countries and cities. Leaving it all behind meant escaping the…


Autumn in Galicia | Bilingual text

Summer is over and we welcome autumn. Since I live in Galicia, this station is important to me for several reasons. Keep reading this bilingual text to find out more and learn new Spanish vocabulary. Las hojas de los árboles / Leaves from trees Image from Lo primero que…


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