Accommodation in Muxía for after the Camino

Are you looking for accommodation in Muxía? After walking hundreds of kilometers, tired pilgrims finally arrive here in Muxía looking for some R&R… And Muxía offers some wonderful options for that. Here are my favorite places to stay, for each category:

Albergue Arribada

In the heart of Muxía, this comfortable hostel has good shared rooms which are comfy and budget-friendly. And they offer a surprising salty water jacuzzi for feet! A tired pilgrim’s feet PARADISE. You can book directly through their email.

Casa rural Sosego de Oruxo.

At about a 30 minute walk from Muxía, the beautiful countryside cottage of Raio do Sol and Luz da Lua, with capacity for small groups of 4-8 people is a wonderful place to rest and unwind. Rosa and Mat’s lovely garden is a perfect place to relax and they are amazing hosts too!

Monasterio de Moraime

If you fancy staying a historical building, the Hostel Monasterio de Moraime is quite unique. Once a monastery, it is now a comfortable hostel where you can enjoy the tranquility of the countryside. It’s a 30 minute walk to Muxía.

Parador Costa da Morte

If you’re looking for an upscale option, Muxía’s Parador is THE place to be. Each room has a privileged balcony overlooking the Atlantic. You can even book yourself a SPA

As pilgrims make their way to the “end of the world”, the accommodation in Muxía enriches their Camino experience, offering respite and reflection against the backdrop of Galicia’s stunning coastal beauty. And while you’re here, why not take a walking tour, a cooking class, or even a Spanish course?

Learn Spanish in Galicia. Muxía immersion course

Embrace the diversity of options, plan ahead, and allow Muxía to be a harmonious extension of your transformative Camino journey. ¡Buen Camino!

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