Spanish immersion course in Galicia

Are you looking to live a once in a life time experience? 

Come and learn Spanish in Muxía, Galicia. 

Enjoy and practice Spanish in the most beautiful environment. 


Before we start, let me introduce Muxía, the small town where I live and where this course takes place. Located at the end of the Camino, it’s the perfect location to rest, relax and enjoy. 

If you fancy hikes, sunsets and the sea, this is your place!

Hikes. You will find plenty of trails to small beaches, charming villages and peaceful forests. The most popular one is, of course, the Camino de Santiago. But there are many others. One of the most interesting ones is called the Lightouse trail which connects ancient and modern lighthouses through the coast.

Sunsets. We are right by the western-most point of Europe, the last land where the sun kisses the Earth during summer.  Seeing the sun set into the ocean is truely special and, in this wonderful natural surrounding, it’s an experience you cannot miss!

The sea, of course, as we are surrounded by it. Muxia’s history is closely related to the sea, as it lived off fishing for many years. These coast is wild and untamed to this day. In fact, it is known as Costa da Morte (Death’s coast) due to the high number of shipwrecks which have taken place here.

As you can imagine, the energy in this town is magical. And I’m not alone in thinking this. Hundreds of pilgrims visit this town to seek for spiritual peace and to discover the Santuario de la Virgen de la Barca, asacred sanctuary where sacred rocks have been venerated since ancient times. It is also here that Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to Saint James on his  journey.

Spanish lessons

The Spanish immersion course covers a full set of activities that will help you practice Spanish and learn in a fun and efficient way. 

The focus of the lessons is to communicate in daily life, so you will have plenty of materials to learn more about the language and the culture of Galicia. Each day, you will also have extra activities to put into practice what you’ve learned.

To learn more about what we offer, download the brochure:

Free time activities

During your free time, you can choose from a variety of activities:



Guided walks: Discover the secrets behind sacred rocks in A Barca, take a walk through ancient mills in Os Muiños, enjoy the views from above in Monte Facho and explore the beach of Lourido.

Raciones en Muxía: pulpo, zamburiñas, pimientos del padrón, rabas… Join us for a delicious get together where you will taste the most traditional tapas in a friendly environment.

Galician cooking lessons: Visit the market with us and learn how to cook tradtional dishes such as empanada, pulpo and tarta de Santiago.

Wine and cheese tasting: Discover the variety of wines and cheeses available in Galicia.

Care for nature: Join us to learn more about the Prestige oilspill in the museum and help us clean surrounding beaches while learning how to recycle fishing nets.

Surf: Learn how to surf in Nemiña.

Open air yoga: Practice yoga by the seaside with a qualified instructor

Berry picking: Taste blackberries and prepare a home-made cake.

Daily excursions: Hop on the bus and enjoy a day away in Fisterra, A Coruña or Santiago. 

Ready to join us?

Not sure yet if this course is made for you? Do you have any additional questions or concerns? Do not hesitate to write to me, I’ll be happy to answer!

More about Camino Spanish

Crisol also offers online courses for pilgrims. If you are considering walking the camino, join our free Telegram group to practice your Spanish! And if you are lookin for online lessons, we have them too! Check them out here: