Discover, learn and savor the essence of Muxía.

Welcome to Muxía, a captivating coastal town in the heart of Galicia, Spain. Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes and steeped in rich cultural heritage, Muxía offers an array of unforgettable experiences for travelers seeking a perfect blend of adventure, learning, and culinary delights.

At Crisol, we invite you to embark on a journey that will immerse you in the vibrant tapestry of Muxía’s charm. Whether you’re a passionate foodie, a language enthusiast, or an avid explorer, we have curated a collection of extraordinary activities to cater to your interests.

Spanish lessons

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Spanish language through our Spanish lessons, tailored to all levels of proficiency.

Cooking lessons

Indulge your taste buds in our immersive cooking lessons, where you’ll learn the secrets of Galician cuisine from skilled local chefs.

Free time activities

Lace up your walking shoes and join us on our captivating walking tours, where you’ll explore the town’s hidden gems and picturesque landscapes.

Are you looking to live a once in a life time experience? 

Learn: Spanish lessons

Whether it’s your first time learning Spanish or you’ve studied Spanish before, we offer courses that adapt to your level and learning objectives.

The Spanish immersion course covers a full set of activities that will help you practice Spanish and learn in a fun and efficient way.

Here is a sample schedule for a weekly immersion course:

Our weekly courses are held in Muxía, giving you the opportunity to explore the beautiful beaches and picturesque countryside. You’ll be fully immersed in the Spanish language and culture, and gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating country.

The focus of the lessons is to communicate in daily life, so you will have plenty of materials to learn more about the language and the culture of Galicia. Each day, you will also have extra activities to put into practice what you’ve learned. 
I had a wonderful time with Sarah during my week long Spanish immersion class in Muxia. I took the class the week before I walked the Camino, and it was incredibly helpful. Sarah made it so fun and practical to learn Spanish and I could notice a difference in the reaction of restaurant staff and others working with Pilgrims afterwards. Highly recommend, Sarah's the best!
Susan Smith, Immersion course 2022

To learn more about what we offer, download the brochure:

During your free time, you’lll also be able to enjoy some extra activities that will make your stay a unique one: cooking lessons, yoga classes, horseback riding… Keep reading for more! 

Savor: cooking lessons

Spice up your stay with a pinch of flavor! Join our food events where you’ll explore the delicious world of traditional dishes. 



Learn essential culinary vocabulary, follow recipes in the target language, and savor the flavors while connecting with the culture through food.



Empanada or tortilla de patatas 

Caldeirada de pescado or raxo

Tarta de Santiago or filloas


80€ per person *

Our cooking lessons are taught by  professional chef who has worked in renowned restaurants, such as Yakitoro  or Sargo, in Madrid or th Parador‘s Restaurant in Muxía.


What's included

For sure, we have vegetaria and vegan alernatives

We’ll be happy to adapt the menu for you

No problem, for an additionnal fee the course can be for 3 (+20%), 2 (+50%) and even 1 (+80%) student!

As the course is tailor-made, we can adapt it and make it fun for kids too. We have kids of our own so the kitchen is adapted for young cooks as well.

Cooking lessons can be adapted to smaller 

Raciones en Muxía: pulpo, zamburiñas, pimientos del padrón, rabas… Join us for a delicious get together where you will taste the most traditional tapas in a friendly environment.

Berry picking: Taste blackberries and prepare a home-made cheesecake.

Wine and cheese tasting: Discover the variety of wines and cheeses available in Galicia.

Discover: free time activities

Walking tours

Picture yourself strolling along rugged coastal cliffs, the Atlantic Ocean stretching out before you, and the salty breeze invigorating your senses. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty that has captivated countless wanderers for centuries. Enjoy the fresh air, breathtaking landscapes, and engage in immersive conversations along the way.

But it’s not just nature that awaits you. Muxía is steeped in history and folklore, with ancient legends and sacred sites that will transport you to another time. Discover the secrets behind sacred rocks in A Barca, take a walk through ancient mills in Os Muiños, enjoy the views from above in Monte Facho and explore the beach of Lourido. 

Our knowledgeable guides will lead you through the centuries, regaling you with tales of ancient pilgrims, maritime traditions, and the enduring spirit of this resilient community.

With our walks, you won’t just be a visitor; you’ll become part of the Muxía story. Forge new connections, create lifelong memories, and embrace the authentic spirit of this remarkable destination.

And if you’re looking for more, don’t miss out on activitites offered by our collaborating companies:

Surf: Learn how to surf in Nemiña, one of the most popular beaches for this sport in Galicia.

Open air yoga: Practice yoga by the seaside with a qualified instructor

Daily excursions: Hop on the bus and enjoy a day away in Fisterra, A Coruña or Santiago. 

Horseback riding: Horse rides  through the mountains, beaches and estuaries of the area.


This small, charming town is where I live and where this course takes place.  Located at the end of the Camino, it’s the perfect location to rest, relax and enjoy. If you fancy hikes, sunsets and the sea, this is your place.

Hikes. You will find plenty of trails to small beaches, lovely villages and peaceful forests. The most popular hike is, of course, the Camino de Santiago. But there are many others to enjoy such as the Lightouse trail which connects ancient and modern lighthouses through the coast.

Sunsets. We are right by the western-most point of Europe, the last land where the sun kisses the Earth during summer. Seeing the sun set into the ocean is truly special and, in this wonderful natural surrounding, it’s an experience you cannot miss!

The sea. Muxia’s history is closely related to the sea. The coast is wild and untamed to this day. In fact, it is known as Costa da Morte (Death’s coast) due to the high number of shipwrecks which have taken place here.  

But that’s not all! The region offer a wide range of natural wonders such as waterfalls, capes, beaches and forests to discover.

About us

My name is Sarah and I’m a passionate Spanish teacher. 

My aim is to help students like you feel confident when speaking Spanish and enjoy their Camino. 

I’ve walked the Camino and I now live in Muxía, the last stop of Saint James Way in Galicia. I’ve walked 3 different sections (Sarria to Santiago, Saint Jean de Luz to Castro Urdiales and Cercedilla to Segovia) so I can help you prepare for the ins and outs of this amazing journey.

In our lessons, I will help you learn vocabulary and grammar, but also understand the cultural richness behind the Camino and Spanish.

My name is Alex. I an avid hiker and a food enthusiast.

Residing in the charming town of Muxía, where the sea and the Camino converge, I draw inspiration from the region’s bountiful natural resources and rich culinary heritage. 

When not cooking, I can be found exploring the trails and landscapes of the Camino.  

Ready to join us?

Do you want to learn Spanish in an immersive and engaging environment? Do you want to experience the rich culture and traditions of Spain while improving your language skills? Look no further!

If you’re interested in this course, send me a message and let start planning your stay!

And if you’re not sure yet if this course is made for you or you have any additional questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me, I’ll be happy to answer!

More about Camino Spanish

Crisol also offers online courses for pilgrims. If you are considering walking the camino, join our free Whatsapp group to practice your Spanish! And if you are lookin for online lessons, we have them too! Check them out here: