Spanish immersion courses in Galicia

Learn Spanish in Muxía, Galicia. Enjoy and practice Spanish in the most beautiful environment. 

About Muxía

Muxia is a small town at the end of the Camino de Santiago. It’s located near Finisterre and is surrounded by forests and the sea. It has long been considered as the end of the world. Even nowadays, it is a secluded area. Here, winters are rough and summers are pleasant and tranquil.  

Around Muxia

The location of Muxia allows you to enjoy the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

If you enjoy walking, you will find plenty of trails to small beaches, charming villages and peaceful forests. One of the most interesting trails is called the Lighthouse trail, which connects ancient and modern lighthouses through the coast.

Events and activities

During the summer, the village of Muxía and it’s region comes to life with an endless list of festive events and activities.

In July, the fiesta de la virgen del mar honors the Virgen del Carmen, the Virgin that proctects sailors.

In August, the Feria del Mar is an opportunity to meet artisans from the whole region and discover their many talents: jewelry, leather, lace… 

Come and feel the tradition!

Spanish courses

Weekly Spanish-speaking meeting:
Every week, we meet with pilgrims from the Camino. We share our experiences and to discover more about the region.
3 euros per person (drink included)
Groups of 3-10 people

Spanish courses:
Beginner, intermediate, advanced
Starting at 10 euros / hour
Groups of 2-8 people

Free time activities

During your free time, you can choose from a variety of activities: cooking lessons, ypga, surf, berry picking…

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