Online Spanish lessons

This online course prepares you to make the most of your Camino. 

It is essentially practical. This means we will be covering exactly the vocabulary and uselful expressions you will need on the Camino.

Moreover, we will take a look at many cultural tips and insights that will enrich your stay in Spain.

Feel confident when using Spanish for daily activities.

En camino

Join a group of friendly walkers that share their Spanish learning experience  with you. Learn everyday and practice what you’ve learned in a safe environment. Get feedback to improve and put into practice new learning strategies. 

Price per month

39 euros

Here are some of the topics we will be covering in the lessons

Introducing yourself 

Asking questions to get to know other pilgrims



Politeness in Spanish

Explaining you don’t understand

Improving your Spanish pronunciation

Ordering coffee and breakfast

Ordering drinks

Recognizing typical drinks from each region in Spain 

Ordering a menú del día 

Recognizing typical dishes from each region in Spain

Talking about dietary restrictions and/or allergies

Asking about prices and payment methods

Recognizing shops in towns

Talking about schedules

Talking about places to see

Asking for locations and directions  

Using public transport

Talking about accommodation

At the pharmacy

Talking about illnesses and injuries
Asking for help

Basic words for the Camino: clothes and equipment

Talking about the weather


This group is intended for beginners and false beginners. If you have an intermediate level or if you’d like to have one-to-one lessons, please contact me for further information.

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Please note: you should receive a confirmation message once you send the request form. If you don’t, please message me at the following email address. I always reply to my messages within 7 business days, so please check your SPAM folder or contact me again if you don’t receive a reply.

About me

My name is Sarah and I’m a passionate Spanish teacher. 

My aim is to help students like you feel confident when speaking Spanish and enjoy their Camino. 

I’ve walked the Camino and I now live in Muxía, the last stop of Saint James Way in Galicia. I’ve walked 3 different sections (Sarria to Santiago, Saint Jean de Luz to Castro Urdiales and Cercedilla to Segovia) so I can help you prepare for the ins and outs of this amazing journey.

In our lessons, I will help you learn vocabulary and grammar, but also understand the cultural richness behind the Camino and Spanish.