Spanish for beginners books

Taking your first steps in Spanish can be a bit daunting. Luckily, with these Spanish for beginners books, you’ll be well accompanied no matter what your approach is.

I’ve compiled here a set of textbooks I normally use with my students. I believe they are the best way to start learning the content you will need to use in every day conversations.

A grammar reference

When learning a Spanish, most English-speakers find difficulties with grammar: what’s the difference between ser and estar, irregular verbs, prepositions… Everything is covered in Gramática de uso del español. Teoría y práctica which also includes answers so you can check your progress!

A grammar reference book for Spanish beginners: Gramática de uso del español. Teoría y práctica

A vocabulary book

En vocabulario A1-A2 includes 40 units which cover all types of daily vocabulary and useful sentences with exercises to memorize them. In it, you will learn useful vocabulary to help you describe people and places, talk about hobbies, order in a restaurant and much more.

A vocabulary reference book for Spanish beginners: En vocabulario


If you are looking to read a series of interesting books in Spanish despite your level, Un día en… is the way to go! Discover Spanish and Latinamerican cities while learning new vocabulary and grammar in context. The book includes an mp3 audio which will help your pronunciation too!

A reading book for Spanish beginners: Un día en...


Textbooks are often used in class to help students learn by compiling grammar, vocabulary, listenings, readings… Although the best way to make the most of Aula Internacional Plus is in a Spanish lesson, it is also a great companion to discover more about the language on your own.

A reference textbook for Spanish beginners: Aula Internacional Plus

What about you, do you have any particular Spanish for beginners book that you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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