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Continuing with our series on Spanish accents, we will today see a series of novels that will help you discover the spirit of Latin America.


Como agua para chocolate. Laura Esquivel

A magical novel. This story of love and gastronomy is set in Mexico at the beginning of the 20th century and tells the story of two young people madly in love, Tita and Pedro. Despite their passion, Mama Elena decides that Tita, being the youngest of her daughters, should stay single in order to take care of her in her old age. Among the smells and flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine, Tita will suffer for many years for a love that will last beyond time.


Me llamo Rigoberta Menchú y así me nació la conciencia. Elisabeth Burgos

A poignant story to discover the harsh reality of Guatemala and its people. A touching interview that will introduce you to the history, religion and customs of this small country in Central America.


El olvido que seremos. Hector Abad Faciolince

This heartbreaking story is a biography of the author’s father, a famous doctor that was murdered in Medellín by the paramilitary. Through Hector’s family, full of love and daily moments, one discovers the violence that has hit Colombia in the last fifty years.


La amigdalitis de Tarzán. Alfredo Bryce Echenique

This novel is based on the letters exchanged in a complicated love story. That of a man and a woman who love each other but are separated by life. She lives, with extraordinary strength, the different events of the history of Latin America of the last 25 years. He travels through the realities and myths of Latin America.


Un viejo que no leía novelas de amor. Luis Sepúlveda

The incredibly story of a man who lives in El Idilio, a remote town in the Amazon. There, he learns to live in the jungle, to respect its laws. However, during his lonely nights, he devotes himself to reading love stories.

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