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In this month of February, let’s celebrate love in all the diversity of Latin-American music! Today I will share with you  5 love songs in Spanish. These songs are special to me for different reasons. First, they come from 5 different countries, so you can hear the different accents of the Spanish-speaking world. Second, they cover 5 levels of Spanish (from beginner to advanced), so that they’re easily understood even if you don’t speak much Spanish yet. And last but not least, they will become part of the Fall in love with Spanish music section, in which I will share with you music videos, lyrics and exercises to improve your Spanish level.

Fall in love with Spanish music

So, before this section is complete, let me share with you a first taste of what it will look like…

Alma corazón y vida | Perú| A1 Beginner

Let’s start with a classic. This love song is a Traditional Peruvian waltz. It is an emblem of Música Criolla. This musical genre is created by the mixture of music from Peruvian indigenous’ people, Spanish colonizers and African slaves.

With simple lyrics, it sends a powerful love message and has been a love anthem for generations. In order to understand it, you simply need three very important words: alma (soul), corazón (heart) and vida (life). They are what the singer offers to his beloved one, as he is poor.

Me enamoré | Venezuela | A2 Elementary

If you are in the mood for something lighter, try this pop-sy song by Georgina. She is from Venezuela but currently lives in Spain.

The lyrics of this song describe how the man she loves won her over by simply being natural.  It talks about loving an imperfect man with all his flaws.

Sabrás | Colombia| B1 Intermediate

If you want to challenge your Spanish while a soft vibe plays on the background, try Sabrás by Herencia Timbiquí. It is a group of 11 Colombian musicians, from the region of Timbiquí, Cauca, Colombia that fuses the sound of the marimba of Chonta, the cununos and the folkloric bombo, along with the rest of the orchestra and singers.

Beware of the subjunctive in this song! Indeed, the lyrics list all the conditions in which the singer will make his love known… and all are in the subjunctive tense!


Hasta la raíz| México| B2 Upper intermediate

This song by Natalia Lafourcade is one of my all-time favorites. Natalia is a Mexican singer who overcame an accident she had as a kid by singing.

I must say I am in love with the beat and the images used in the metaphors, and I’m sure this song will captivate you.

Bubujas de amor | Republica Dominicana | C1 Advanced

Let’s finish with another classic song, this time in Bachata rhythm. The lyrics by Juan Luis Guerra are both sweet and cheeky. He is a very famous Dominican musician who creates all types of Latin rhythms: bachata, merengue, bolero…

Which of these songs did you enjoy most? Do you have another favorite love song you’d like to see on the music section? Leave us a comment below!

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