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When you want to master a foreign language,  it is very important to listen as much as possible to different accents and ways of speaking  in order to improve your listening skills. As you will have noticed by now, Spanish is a very rich and complex language. The scale of the countries it’s spoken in can be both exhilarating and daunting at once.

In fact, even native speakers sometimes have trouble understanding people from other regions or countries. This is  due to differences  in pronunciation, of course, but also to the huge range of vocabulary variations.

So, how to understand different Spanish accents?

Simple- A great way to get used to different Spanish variations is by listening to podcasts. In fact, nowadays, you can find  tons podcasts in Spanish about many different topics. The best part is that they are produced in different regions and countries so it is a great way to get used to the accent and vocabulary of each region.

Today, we will take a look at podcasts created in Latin America, so that you can discover more about each country’s culture, habits, ways of speaking and slang.

1. Radio ambulante (US & Latinamerica)

Radio Ambulante is a Spanish-language podcast, distributed by NPR, that tells Latin American stories from anywhere Spanish is spoken, including the United States.
The best part is that you can have the transcript, in English and Spanish of each episode!
Check out my favorite episodes here

2. Radialistas (Ecuador)

The Association Radialistas is a non-profit NGO based in Quito, Ecuador. Their mission is to contribute to the democratization of communications, especially radio, from the perspective of gender, citizenship and defense of Mother Earth.

3. Así como suena (México)

Así como suena tells Mexican stories: stories of love and hate, crime, politics, corruption, everyday life. Stories that deserve to be heard.

4. Acentos (Colombia)

Acentos narrates the stories of Colombia are the treasure of each region. In this podcast, they are narrated in their own accent, which will make you travel to each of those wonderful places.

5. Relato nacional (Chile)

Relato nacional collects stories of ordinary people which will thrill you, motivate you, move you and/or surprise you. The stories are real stories, told in most episodes by their protagonists.

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