Spanish songs to discover Madrid

Many of my students ask me for recommendations on Spanish songs. Today, we will be taking a closer look at Spanish songs to discover Madrid, its places and it’s history.

La movida madrileña

Madrid is not only the capital of Spain, it is a city that has inspired artists for quite a while. Back in the 80’s, the Movida madrileña shaped the city’s nightlife and music scene.

This countercultural movement happened right after the end of Franco’s dictatorship. Indeed, this movement was transgressive in many ways. For the first time, Spain talked openly about sex and drugs. This was a true revolution.

Although this period was very productive in all art fields, in the music industry the group Mecano was, without a doubt, one that influenced not only Madrid, but a whole generation of Spaniards.


Another event that shaped Madrid’s history is the 11-M attacks, where 193 people died and two thousand were injured. This event was traumatic for the city, yet it showed how people can show their solidarity in these kinds of events.

The pop group La oreja de Van Gogh, which back then was very popular, released the song Jueves to raise funds for an Association for those affected by this terrorist attack.

It is based on a true story and copies one of the pages found in the diary of a passenger.

Joaquín Sabina

However, if you want to know the city nowadays, the name that stands out is Joaquín Sabina. In fact, this songwriter has a deep connection with the city and has described all of the aspects of daily life in Madrid: metro stations, .

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