DELE A2 | How hard is the DELE A2 exam?

Passing the DELE A2 exam is a big step. This exam is useful, among other cases, to apply for Spanish citizenship. And, although you’ve probably read a lot about the theoretical learning objectives and exam structure, I’m sure you feel a bit anxious about your Spanish level and nervous about the contents of the exam. You might even wonder whether or not you are ready to pass the test, especially taking into account average of 120 euros it costs to take the test! That’s why, today I want to help you answer a very important question:

How hard is the DELE A2 exam?

Before we start, let me point out it is difficult to say what “hard” means for you. “Hard” or “difficult” depends on your Spanish level, your study habits, your preparation… 

However, there is a simple, easy way to know what the first part of this exam will feel like for you. Quick, efficient and reliable. What am I talking about? The interactive sample exam.


For this exam, I’ve taken the reading and listening from the official DELE A2 exam published in the Instituto Cervantes. I’ve put it in an online test. I’ve added 3 possible outcomes for the test depending on your performance: “ready”, “almost ready” and “not quite ready yet”. The result? A simple test to assess your DELE A2 reading and listening level. 

But that is not all, taking this test will also help you learn more about the actual structure of the first part of the exam (reading and listening) and get a feel of content that is usually present in this part of the A2 exam (signs, announcements, news, ads, emails…). As for the speaking and writing part, keep checking this site as we will soon be posting interactive exercices to help you out.

For now, you can take a look at our own exercices to keep practicing:



I hope this post has been helpful let me know in the comments below your results and I wish you “Buena suerte” for the DELE A2 exam.

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