DELE A2 | Vocabulary list

Are you looking for a DELE A2 vocabulary list for the exam? When preparing for the DELE A2 exam, many of my students ask for this list. It helps them know the content they need to learn in order to pass the exam.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at the word list you will need. Luckily, the Instituto Cervantes has created a list with all the vocabulary needed. It covers all ranges of life: family, housing, routines, health, work, studies, hobbies… It is quite helpful to create your great vocabulary flashcards and make sure you don’t forget anything!

However, this list might seem very extensive and hard to put into practice. That’s why I decided to create this infographic with the main topics so you can see them at a glance:

Once you have them, I recommend you start reading and listening to texts related to these topics so that you become familiar with the vocabulary. Then, you can create flashcards and start memorizing them. Finally, put them into practice while writing and speaking. If you’d like to have someone correct your speaking and writing, don’t forget to check out our DELE preparation course, where you will find one-to-one lessons that will help you get the best grade possible.

Have you started studying for the DELE A2? Have you found this DELE A2 vocabulary list helpful? Let us know in the comments below and ¡buena suerte!

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