DELE A2 online course 2024

DELE A2 2023 online course


Join the DELE A2 online course 2024!​

A space to study and prepare for your exam.

Share your progress with a certified examiner and other exam candidates. Join a community where you will find answers to all the questions you have.

No more excuses, set your goal and achieve it!

I need to pass the DELE A2, but how?

Getting ready for a language exam can be stressful. Contents are complex, there are many lists of vocabulary, tons of grammar exercises, and you might find yourself thinking:

I can’t get myself to study and I keep postponing my exam.

I’m not quite sure of what to study for the DELE A2 exam.

Is my grammar good enough?

I need someone to correct my writing tasks and help me improve them.

I don’t have many opportunities to practice speaking and I need feedback.

How do I know if I’m ready to pass the exam?

What key vocabulary should I study?

Join the DELE A2 online course

During this intensive course, we will focus on working with the different  tasks of DELE A2, as well as grammar and vocabulary needed to pass the exam. 

We will practice listening, reading, writing and speaking and you will receive feedback from a professional and certified DELE teacher.

We will also meet once a week for a 60 minute lesson and go through:  

– Examples of oral and written exams and corrections

– Doubts and questions related to the exam

– Practice of specific key grammar and vocabulary aspects

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Get the best grade possible

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Enrollment is open for the exams in 2024.  

You can sign up for the course up to 4 weeks before the date of the exam. 



What the course includes

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The course includes:

  • A monthly study plan with daily tasks to help you improve
  • Activities based on real exam samples with grammar, vocabulary, tips and strategies that will prepare you to pass the DELE A2.
  • A Whatsapp chat shared with other students so you can ask questions and communicate with other students.
  • 4 live group 60 minute group sessions to practice and solve any doubts or questions.
  • Checklist of vocabulary and grammar you will need to pass the exam.
  • Cheatsheets with helpful structures to help you with the speaking and writing tasks

Ready to join us?

Let’s go through all the details again!

Remember, this is an 4 week membership and the cost is 68 euros. It includes an interactive learning course, 4 online group sessions and a chatroom.

The group sessions are for a maximum of 6 people so that we can all interact and learn. If you cannot attend the live session, you can always watch the recording.

Any other doubts or questions can be answered through the Whatsapp group. Individual sessions can be organized with each student so you can have personalized feedback for the speaking task. 

DELE A2 2023 online course


Don’t worry! You will receive the video and audio recordings after each session.

The group is intended for students who have a base knowledge of Spanish and want to prepare for the DELE A2. If this isn’t your case, please contact me for individual lessons.

This course is flexible in timing, so you can join whenever you’re ready to start preparing for the exam. However, I recommend signing up at least 1 month before the date of your exam. You can check out the next  


Sarah is a great teacher and massively helped me with my DELE A2 preparation!
Bala Clark
Finding Sarah was crucial to me passing the DELE A2 exam for Spanish citizenship.
Brad Beckerman

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