Christmas carols in Spanish

Christmas carols are a big part of Christmas in Spain and the Spanish speaking world 🎅. Below, you will find some of the most popular Christmas carols in Spanish both from Spain and Latin America. I’ve selected them based on my personal taste, you’ll find the lyrics or captions in them or in a link next to the document. I hope you enjoy them 🥰

Mi burrito sabanero

This one is definetly my favorite, very catchy and upbeat tune 💗

Los peces en el río

This carol is great to practice basic vocabulary and verbs in present, this video shows exactly what it speaks about and you can also see the lyrics (click on the captions), so it’s a fantastic option for beginners.

Ay el Chiquirritín

This one is a great Christmas carol to practice pronunciation… almost a tongue twister 😅

Vengo de las alturas

My peruvian husband showed me these carols which, for me, became an instant favorite. You can find the lyrics here

Noche de Paz

After all these kids songs, here is a more quiet version of another classic 🎄

I hope you enjoyed this list, let me know in the comments which is your favorite, both in Spanish and/or in other languages 🌎

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