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Which dele exam should I take?

Which DELE exam should I take?

If this is the firsts time you are preparing for a DELE exam, you might be wondering “What level DELE should I take?”. Indeed, this question is crucial. It will determine not only what exam to take but also how to prepare for it. To help you answer it, here…


Enjoy Peru | Geography vocabulary

Peru is a country of contrast. Its rich geography is perfect to introduce some vocabulary about geography and discover a bit more about each region or Peru. Are you up for a trip? Grab your “maleta” and let’s go! "La selva" (the jungle) is one of Peru's largest and most…


Advanced vocabulary | Spanish linkers

Do you want to improve your speaking or writing skills in Spanish?  Are you looking for new linkers to create better essays or expositions? Whether you preparing for an exam or looking to improve your overall Spanish skills, this entry was made for you. What are linkers? Linkers are words…


DELE C1 | How to learn Spanish idioms

Spanish idioms are essential in order to understand every day Spanish. Moreover, if you learn how to use them, they will make your Spanish sound more like a native speaker. This will also increase the nuances you can transmit with your vocabulary and make your communication more precise and correct.…


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