DELE C1 | Changes in 2024

Are you preparing for the DELE C1 exam in 2024? As announced by the Instituto Cervantes last year, the exam will be renewed from in April 2024. The purpose of the changes is to update the exams to improve their effectiveness and introduce modifications to the grading scales in line with the contributions of the Supplementary Volume to the CEFR, published by the Council of Europe.

But don’t worry! There are only minor changes to the exam, since the number of items and the types of texts that must be understood and produced remain the same. In detail, here is what happens:

  • Reading: the test remains the same.
  • Listening: the dynamics of Task 1 change, but the ability evaluated, the type of text to be understood and the number of items are the same. Instead of completing 6 gaps with words, in this task you will now need to choose 6 of 12 sentences presented.
  • Writing: the texts that the candidate must prepare are more specified and the grading scales change, including a Task Completion category that focuses on expression, mediation, or interaction depending on the task in question..
  • Speaking: the grading scales change just as in the writing task. More over, tasks 1 and 3 are slightly modified. In task 1, you will now need to give your opinion. In task 3, the roles of the examiner and the candidate are more detailed.

As you can see, the main change is in the grading scales of productive tests, which will from now on incorporate mediation. These changes are focused on the examiner, but it’s important for you to become familiar with them so as to get the best grade possible… So if you’d like to know more, why not take a couple of one-to-one lessons? We will go over all these changes and makes sure you pass the exam.

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