DELE C1 | Best books to help you prepare

Do you want discover the best book to help you prepare for the DELE C1 exam but you don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re doubting which book will help you most according to the type of student you are. Maybe you’re unsure about the content of each book. Or maybe you’re just curious about how to improve your Spanish and get the best grade possible. Whichever your case, you’re in the right place.

Today, I’m sharing 3 books that will help you prepare for DELE C1 according to the approach that works for you, the book’s structure and content and its’ pros and cons.

This review is based on my experience as a DELE C1 teacher and examiner.

1- Las claves del nuevo DELE C1

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If you need to find a book to cover vocabulary and grammar in context needed for the exam, this is it! Las claves del nuevo DELE C1 covers the main topics of DELE C1 in 5 different units. They include exercises of grammar and vocabulary, reading and listening practices and everything you need to get ready for each section of the exam.

PROS: It has a communicative approach. This means it is easy to use and practice with the content in real-life. It includes grammar. Moreover, it has a specific section on the test which covers tips and tricks for the exam.
CONS: As grammar explanations are brief, it might not be easy to study without a professional teacher.

2- El cronómetro C1

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Practice for the exam as if you were sitting it today! It covers 4 full exams and gives you notes and information that will help you understand the structure and how to get the best grade possible. It’s probably the best book for self-study purposes as it is quite detailed.

PROS: Tips and tricks for each section of the exam. Appendixes with grammar, vocabulary and everything you need to prepare.
CONS:  Structure can be a bit difficult to follow as it includes many details for each section.

2- DELE C1

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If you’d rather practice with 6 mock exams, this book was made for you. Each mock exam focuses on a relevant C1 topic following the official question types (ABC, matching, open answer…).

PROS:  You’ll find key vocabulary highlighted at the begining and end of each unit.
CONS:  It can be rough to study on your own. There are no specific tips for the exam and no grammar explanations are given.

What about you? Have you prepared for DELE C1? Which textbooks did you use? What did you think about them? Let us know in the comments below! 

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