Best Advanced Spanish grammar and vocabulary books

¡Hola, crisoles!

If you’ve reached the advanced level in Spanish (C1), ¡enhorabuena! You now know the joy of conversing fluently and immersing yourself in the Spanish culture. However, as you ascend to this linguistic summit, unique challenges may arise. In this blog post, we’re exploring different books that will help you navigate the difficulties encountered:

Dominio C

Why I recommend it: a book that covers everything you need to perfect your Spanish mastery: texts, audios, grammar, vocabulary… It is quite extensive and, since it was re-edited in 2016, it’s fairly up-to-date.

A debate

Why I recommend it: it’s incredibly useful especially if you’re working on improving your oral practice. It’s the book I use in many of my private speaking lessons because I find it raises some very interesting topics to debate in class. The grammar section at the back is also very good and covers many of the topics with which students generally struggle. Only down side is that it’s a bit old (2013).

Vocabulario avanzado

Why I recommend it: a thorough review of vocabulary from level B2 up to C2, including colocations and idioms. It’s one of my go-to books when students want to broaden their vocabulary. Unfortunately, it’s quite old (2012), which means it’s rare and coveted and it’s price has gone up a lot! You might want to buy it second-hand.

Gramática de uso del español

Why I recommend it: when tackling grammar, simpclity is the key for me. This book has a very practical layout: one page is the explanation and the next one is a set of exercises to practice in context. This makes it easy to practice a single aspect in about 10-15 minutes. I also think explanations are clear and to the point, so it’s quite good if you’re learning on your own too!

What about you, do you have a favorite Spanish book to practice with? Comment below and share it with our fellow students!

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