Enjoy your Stay | Useful Spanish sentences for the beach

As the summer approaches, I’m sure you are ready to take off on vacations to the Spanish beach. That’s why, today we will take a look at 10 useful Spanish sentences to use on the beach.

¡Qué calor!

If you visit Spain in July or August, this is a sentence you want to keep handy. Indeed, summer months are quite warm in Spain, that’s why we say ¡qué calor! (It’s so hot!)

¿Dónde ponemos la sombrilla?

The first step of the Spanish ritual when you visit the beach is to find the perfect spot to “poner la sombrilla” (plant the beach umbrella). In some places, people even wake up early to find the perfect spot.

¿Me echas crema, porfa?

If you don’t want to burn your skin, the best question you can ask is “me echas crema” (can you put some sunscreen on me?)

¿Te vienes a bañar?

When temperatures get really high, asking “te vienes a bañar?” (do you want to go for a swim?) is probably the quickest way to refresh.

El agua está buenísima

If your answer to the question above was “no”, you’ll probably have to hear “el agua está buenísima” (the water temperature is really nice).

Voy a tomarme algo al chiringuito

If you’ve had enough of the beach, just say “voy a tomarme algo al chiringuito” (I’ll go get something at the chiringuito). Chiringuitos are small bars that are located close to the beach where you will find all sorts of food such as helados (icecream), cerveza (beer) and tapas.

Cuidado que la marea está subiendo

Last but not least, beware if someone tells you “cuidado, la marea está subiendo” (careful, the tide is rising) while you are setting up your towel as you might end up soaking wet, especially if you are visiting a beach in Northern Spain.

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