Enjoy Peru | Geography vocabulary

Peru is a country of contrast. Its rich geography is perfect to introduce some vocabulary about geography and discover a bit more about each region or Peru. Are you up for a trip? Grab your “maleta” and let’s go!

“La selva” (the jungle) is one of Peru’s largest and most unknown territories. It spreads from north to south and offers an amazing variety of wildlife to discover.

The most famous “río” (river) is without a doubt el Amazonas (the Amazon). It is born in the mountains of Peru and flows across Colombia and Brazil before reaching the Atlantic Ocean.

Heading inland, you will find “valles” (valleys) which allow the rich diversity of climates in the center part of Peru. The most magnificent one is el Valle Sagrado (the Sacred Valley), which stretches from Pisac to Ollantaytambo and includes the Machu Picchu . 

The “cordillera” (mountain range) of the Andes is definitely the spinal chord that articulates Peru from North to South. It has created a rugged landscape with summits as high as the Huascarán 6.768 meters (22,205 ft).

Heading towards Bolivia you will find the “lago Titicaca” (Titicaca Lake). It is the highest navigable lake in the world and is home to the Uros, who live on floating islands and have kept their traditions alive.

We will finish our tour with the largest océano (ocean) in the world: the Pacific. It bathes many cities in Peru, including Pisco, Lima, Chimbote, Trujillo and Tumbes. It is also an essential part in Peruvian recipes such as ceviche as it is home to thousands of species, including the sea lions you can see on the picture above.

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