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Sarah provides learning material and it is a mixture of a text book, novels, topics for discussion, research into customs of Spanish-speaking countries and so much more. I am not only learning the language, I am learning about the world as well.
Sarah is a great teacher and I really enjoy our weekly Spanish lessons. My Spanish is very rusty & I love that Sarah tailors each week's class to focus on what I need to practice - for example talking (lots of it), and grammar exercises. She uses a mix of textbook and conversation with me, and it works really well. I feel like my Spanish has improved but also my confidence. Thanks, Sarah!
I’ve had several teachers and Sarah is by far the most professional, the most engaging and importantly the most knowledgeable about the language. As an English teacher myself I think I have a good idea of what it takes to be a decent teacher, so I would highly recommend Sarah.
Malcolm, Crisol student
United Kingdom
Sarah is a great teacher, she is very very well structured, and she has lots of materials on hand to deal with my weaknesses, and above all she is very patient. Lessons with Sarah are simultaneously fun and very effective.
Although my level is quite high, Sarah manages to make our classes challenging and interesting. She makes very good use of different tools to make classes via Skype comfortable and the material accessible. To sum up: professional, efficient and fun to have classes with!
Jenia, Crisol Student
Excellent teacher! Explains topics clearly and patiently, always is very attentive to the student needs/requests. For each my question (and I have a lot), along with her own explanation immediately finds an example or relevant material. Precise and punctual.
Sarah is a fantastic teacher! Her ability to read your competency is great and she structures the classes accordingly. I would highly recommend classes with Sarah. She is well organised and very personable. She has rebuilt my confidence and also my love for the Spanish language.