Here, you will find a list of novels that will help you learn and improve your Spanish level. They are recommended for levels B1+ – C2.


This novel, set in seventeenth-century America, beautifully recreates a New World full of conquests, adventures and terrible dangers.


Born with the curious ability to understand the hidden messages in human feelings, Don Jubilo becomes a translator who helps others to solve communication problems in their relationships. However, when a tragedy destroys his marriage, it is his daughter’s ability to listen which will reunite Don Jubilo with his wife.


Four short stories linked together that form an interesting network of relationships that occurred in times of the Spanish Civil War and its postwar period.

They are stories of times of silence, of fear. Stories of defeats, maturity,  lies, dishonesty. Stories that portray a dark period in Spanish history.


Escenas de cine mudo narrates the author’s childhood in a remote mining village in Leon. His biography is mixed with the landscape, the wells, the dumps and the only two amusements that there were in that place: dancing balls and movies.